Friday, April 3, 2009

Movies? Piracy? Wake up Movie industry!

The movie wolverine leaked onto the net the other day, and the movie companies are mad. What are your thoughts on these leaks? Wouldn't it be easier for a movie to be available on the internet, a DVD, and the theater at the same time? Wouldn't more people pick one of those options to view it legally? Not sure about where you live, but in San Francisco, its 10 dollars for a ticket (20 if you go with someone) about 6 bucks for a soda, and about 7 for a medium popcorn.

If I could pay 20 for a high quality version on release day I would do it in a second. It would be less painful than searching trojan infested sites for movies. Alas, in order to watch a movie legally we either have to share a large room with sticky floors, talking people, and the shushers (shhhhhhhhhhhh!) Oh, and the owners of the theater telling you what to do with your cell phone.

In the day of high definition home theaters, it is sometimes more fullfilling to sit at home and enjoy a flick. I dont promote piracy, but I think the movie industry is ripe for some changes. The record industry has adapted (because they were forced by pirates to change) For most people it is much easier to download their songs from Itunes than to search for a particular mp3. (although DRM is a pain in the ass)

So the movie companies are being stolen from, thats sad, but don't you feel like youve been robbed when you spend good money for a handfull of popcorn that probably cost less than 50 cents? Support the movie companies, but also let them know how you feel!

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