Thursday, September 18, 2008

ready set go!!!

Ok, its been a nice long break. We had the trip to Europe, the wedding, George and Brad's wedding in LA. Time to return to real life. I'm currently finalizing a small contract project for a possible company to be built around. But its time to get a bit more serious, so I updated my resume, and have spent some time picking a few places I would like to work at. Now I need to write up some cover letters and hand them off.

I thought I would like doing nothing, but that just isnt in my nature. I am also currently working with someone on a screenplay for a project, but I am not counting on that as a real item, since these things need funding, and he will have to "sell it" to someone willing to take a risk on a small film.

For anyone reading this that plans on leaving a company with a name like Google, just be careful about where you inquire for job's, since if you post your info in public places, your email box will fill up with a bunch of headhunter emails quickly.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sept 15, 2008

We attended the wedding of Brad Altman and George Takei over the weekend, it was an amazing and emotionally touching event. I have a few pics posted here: PICS

They were also kind enough to attend the wedding of Andy and myself last month. Congratulations to them both!

Its important that marriage remain legal in California, lets not let this slip away.