Thursday, September 18, 2008

ready set go!!!

Ok, its been a nice long break. We had the trip to Europe, the wedding, George and Brad's wedding in LA. Time to return to real life. I'm currently finalizing a small contract project for a possible company to be built around. But its time to get a bit more serious, so I updated my resume, and have spent some time picking a few places I would like to work at. Now I need to write up some cover letters and hand them off.

I thought I would like doing nothing, but that just isnt in my nature. I am also currently working with someone on a screenplay for a project, but I am not counting on that as a real item, since these things need funding, and he will have to "sell it" to someone willing to take a risk on a small film.

For anyone reading this that plans on leaving a company with a name like Google, just be careful about where you inquire for job's, since if you post your info in public places, your email box will fill up with a bunch of headhunter emails quickly.

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